A campervan with a full-size oven? It must be the award-winning Portofino

If you're not already familiar with the CamperKing Portofino campervan, here's your opportunity to learn more about this award-winning campervan conversion. 

Designed for those wishing to camp in luxury, the CamperKing Portofino is CamperKing's top-of-the-range model and is our only conversion featuring a full-size oven to its interior. This along with the gas barbecue point to the exterior makes this campervan a favourite amongst foodies and those who enjoy home-cooked food whilst on the move. It was these two luxurious features that assisted the Portofino in being named Touring Magazine's 'Best campervan for luxury and cooking'.

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As part of its regular ‘Hot List’ feature, Touring Magazine put together its pick of ‘The Best Campervans for 2022’ and it is within this list that the Portofino was chosen as the ‘Best campervan for luxury and cooking’.

Discussing the Portofino, Touring Magazine highlighted the spacious living area provided by the model, the adult-friendly pop top bed, the ambient lighting, wine rack, and the external barbecue point. The magazine described all of these features as things to expect from a luxury camper. However, it was the full-size oven/grill, three-burner hob, and 20-litre drawer fridge that ensured the Portofino got Touring Magazine’s vote. 

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With the Portofino, you can expect a luxurious campervan that is designed for families wishing to travel and camp in complete comfort. It features six travelling seats and has four berths courtesy of the three-seat upgraded rear bed with ISOFIX and the pop top roof with integrated upper bed. And, it's available this week with an EXCLUSIVE offer...

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An EXCLUSIVE offer on the Portofino campervan - THIS WEEK ONLY

For this week only, two exclusive offers are available on our Portofino model. You can either get £1000 off when buying any built-to-order Portofino or any Portofino from the forecourt at CamperKing HQ or you can get £1000 towards accessories such as a diesel heater, sun shade, sidebars, upgraded wheels, or a bike rack when buying a built-to-order Portofino campervan or any Portofino campervan from our forecourt!

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