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The Pursuit is our newest model and it's here to shake things up! No longer do you need a campervan for your leisure activities and a panel van for work during the week, the Pursuit gives you a versatile vehicle that can do both!

Bridging the gap between a campervan and a Kombi van, the Pursuit is a van that's made for adventure. With sliding rear seats and a unique rail floor system at the centre of its versatility, the Pursuit allows you to add and remove pods, seats, and other attachments as and when you need them. This gives you a van that can be configured to your exact requirements. That could be by adding cooking facilities, providing space to store your bikes inside, or by becoming a vehicle that can seat up to eight people. 

The Pursuit is available in two versions:

  • CamperKing Pursuit 2 VW Day Van
  • CamperKing Pursuit 4 VW Day Van

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 2 VW Day Van if you are looking for a two-berth adventure-specific campervan without a pop top roof but with the option for a roof rack system and the capability to accommodate a roof tent.

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 4 VW Day Van if you are looking for a four-berth adventure-specific campervan with a pop top roof and an elevating platform bed.

CamperKing Pursuit - Key Features

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Get £1000 towards accessories such as a diesel heater, sun shade, sidebars, or upgraded wheels when buying a built-to-order Pursuit campervan from CamperKing HQ or any Pursuit campervan from our forecourt!

Introducing the CamperKing Pursuit - 2

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