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For the duration of this week, we are focusing on our CamperKing Santorini campervan model. Throughout the week, you can expect to see all kinds of content here and across our social media channels. To kick all things Santorini off, we have an exclusive offer for you on this campervan model...

For ONE WEEK ONLY, we are giving you £1000 off all CamperKing HQ forecourt and built-to-order Santorini campervans!


Get £1000 towards accessories such as a diesel heater, sun shade, sidebars, upgraded wheels, or a bike rack when buying a built-to-order Santorini campervan from CamperKing HQ or any Santorini campervan from our forecourt!

Introducing the Santorini - 2

This exclusive offer is available on all CamperKing Santorini campervans purchased from CamperKing HQ between 02/10/23 to 08/10/23.

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