Collecting a campervan – a 1,400-mile round trip

It’s not uncommon to need to travel some distance to collect your campervan. But it takes something special to make a journey of more than 700 miles and more than 20 hours to pick up your pride and joy.
Yet that’s exactly what Roy Leask, who lives in arguably the farthest corner of the UK, did just before Christmas 2021.

Roy, 68 and a father of five, flew from his home in Lerwick in Shetland to collect his brand new shiny long wheelbase Monte Carlo conversion from CamperKing’s HQ in Warmington, Oxfordshire, on 13 December. But that was only the thin end of the wedge for Roy, who had at least 20 hours of travelling ahead of him to return the campervan to his native island in the North Sea.

The first leg of his journey was a mere five-hour drive to Northumberland to visit a relative before pushing on to Aberdeen, another four hours onward. He was then faced with the 12-hour NorthLink Ferries crossing to Lerwick, across some of the most unforgiving seas around the UK coastline.
Roy heard about CamperKing when he spotted a CK campervan in the car park at his workplace.

He said: “I saw it there and really liked the look of it, so I found the owner and asked him a few questions. That was it after that, I knew I had to buy the van from CamperKing.”

At the time he picked up the campervan, Roy was about two weeks away from retiring from his position as a director of a Lerwick-based construction company, and was looking forward to spending his retirement enjoying hobbies such as hillwalking, fishing and sailing.

He’ll get plenty of use out of the campervan too, as he expects his 10 grandchildren to join him for the occasional camping adventure, albeit not all at the same time!

He also has grand plans to tour Shetland, Orkney and much of Scotland in the van, as well as potentially crossing the North Sea to Scandinavia as well.

Wherever he takes it, everyone at CamperKing wishes Roy well in his retirement!