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Launched earlier this year, the Pursuit is our newest model and it's here to define its own class of vehicle...

Bridging the gap between a VW campervan and a VW Kombi van, the Pursuit is a vehicle that's designed for double duty. During the week, the Pursuit can be used for work and the daily commute. Whilst at weekends and during moments of free time, the Pursuit will become your adventure vehicle, designed to go anywhere and carry everything you require.

Introducing the CamperKing Pursuit - 3

If you're after more than just a van with seats but a vehicle with full camper facilities isn't for you,  the Pursuit will be the vehicle you're looking for. The Pursuit provides you with a comfortable space to sleep and has room for your kit, tools, and more, yet it's not quite a camper and it's definitely not just a van. 

Discover the CamperKing Pursuits rail floor system

Central to the Pursuit's versatility is its rail floor system. This allows you to add things and remove them, as you need to.

Whether you're looking to add cooking facilities, transport bikes, transport tools, or you're looking for seating for multiple people,  you will find that the Pursuit is the answer. Its innovative floor system is compatible with a range of pods which provide all kinds of options for work and leisure. Whilst the ability to add up to eight travelling seats makes the Pursuit the ideal alternative to a Kombi. 

Discover the CamperKing Pursuit 2 and 4

The Pursuit is available in two versions, both of which add to its versatility...

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 2 VW Day Van if you are looking for a two-berth adventure-specific campervan without a pop top roof but with the option for a roof rack system and the capability to accommodate a roof tent.

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 4 VW Day Van if you are looking for a four-berth adventure-specific campervan with a pop top roof and an elevating platform bed.

Both versions of the Pursuit come with a 60-litre underslung water tank and an integrated high-pressure 45psi shower, making showers and kit washing extremely convenient, wherever you may be. 

Explore the CamperKing Pursuit’s integrated shower system

If you're a cyclist, mountain biker, climber, runner, or just someone who loves adventure and also needs a van for your day job, the Pursuit will be the vehicle for you. And for the first time ever, it's now available with an exclusive offer: 
For this week only, you can get £1000 off when buying any built-to-order Pursuit or any Pursuit from the forecourt at CamperKing HQ
We will give you £1000 towards accessories such as a diesel heater, sun shade, sidebars, upgraded wheels, or a bike rack when buying a built-to-order Pursuit or any Pursuit from our forecourt!
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