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Named one of 'The Best Campervans' by Touring Magazine and honoured with the magazine's 'Best Campervan for Luxury and Cooking' award, the CamperKing Portofino is our top-of-the-range campervan model. It's also unique as it's our only campervan model with a full-size oven. In addition to this it offers space for six to travel, industry-leading boot space, an external barbecue point, and comes with ISOFIX, as standard.

And it's now available with two exclusive offers for one week only...

If you're looking for complete comfort at the campsite, now's the time to seize the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Portofino and take advantage of these limited-time offers. You can either get...

£1000 off when buying any built-to-order Portofino or any Portofino from the forecourt at CamperKing HQ


£1000 towards accessories such as a diesel heater, sun shade, sidebars, upgraded wheels, or a bike rack when buying a built-to-order Portofino campervan or any Portofino campervan from our forecourt!

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