Spreading Festive Joy: Club CamperKing Ambassador Supports Local Charities

Proud Club CamperKing ambassador Trudi Fletcher and her husband Darren have been putting 'Mr Banner', their beloved CamperKing van, to amazing use - and we're not just talking about their travels!

Recently, they have hosted a variety of free VW meet ups, taken part in a VW charity drive for children in hospital and been delivering food to those in need over the festive period. We caught up with Trudi to hear all about her recent ventures in her CamperKing van. 


A Successful VW Santa Run!
On Sunday 26th November, the annual Volkswagen Santa Run took place in Hampshire, for the 11th year running. A festive parade of classic camper vans and other custom vehicles delivered Christmas presents for children currently in Southampton General hospital. 


The convoy, decked in tinsel and baubles, left the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu bound for Southampton General Hospital. People dressed as characters such as Santa, Elves and the Grinch took gifts to the Piam Brown unit and the other paediatric wards at the hospital, delivering an incredible amount of donations to the patients.

Trudi had her campervan's bonnet redesigned for the event, with an amazing scene of the Grinch, with VW twist, which everybody loved! 

This years VW Santa Run surpassed all others with the amount of presents, donations and funds raised, with a value of almost £10,000!

An incredible effort from all those involved and will go a long way to make Christmas magical for the patients at the hospital.

Here are some photos from the day: 

Delivering Meals on CamperKing Wheels
For 9 years, Trudi and Darren have travelled around their local community, delivering food banks to those most in need. They have managed to get the whole community involved, and love helping others. 

"Darren and I have been doing it for 9 years now in our local community for those in dire need and we get the whole community involved!!! As for Mr Banner, he has been the best support vehicle we could ever have wished for!!" 

"Both experiences are very humbling and of course everyone loves the van with the added bonus of our Christmas bonnet courtesy of JAA Custom Paint". - Trudi Fletcher

Both of these causes are fantastic examples of how you can use your campervan to not only travel our beautiful country and beyond, you can also use your van support those who may need a a helping hand in times of need. 

Well done Trudi, Darren and Mr Banner, keep up the good work! 

If you would like to offer your support to worthy causes, here are some ways you can help: