What makes the Pursuit different? See inside to find out

The Pursuit is the newest model to be added to the CamperKing range and it's like no other vehicle we offer. Whilst the exterior of the Pursuit will look pretty familiar to many, it's what is inside the Pursuit that makes it different...

Bridging the gap between a VW campervan and a VW Kombi van, the Pursuit gives you a vehicle that is suitable for both work and leisure use. Central to the Pursuit's versatility is its innovative rail floor system, which allows you to easily add and remove items as you need them. Whether you're looking to add kitchen and catering facilities, tool storage, bike storage, or extra seats, the Pursuit's rail floor system allows you to do this. 

The Pursuit is available in two versions

  • CamperKing Pursuit 2 VW Day Van
  • CamperKing Pursuit 4 VW Day Van

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 2 VW Day Van if you are looking for a two-berth adventure-specific campervan without a pop top roof but with the option for a roof rack system and the capability to accommodate a roof tent.

Choose the CamperKing Pursuit 4 VW Day Van if you are looking for a four-berth adventure-specific campervan with a pop top roof and an elevating platform bed.

Want to see what makes the Pursuit different for yourself? Take a look inside...

CamperKing Pursuit 2


CamperKing Pursuit 4


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